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Leadership prepares students to handle conflicts and resolutions while developing strong group dynamics and social skills. At the end of the course students have a greater understanding of setting and achieving goals through self-based and community projects. Students are expected throughout the year to participate in community service in school as well as outreach programs in selected communities.



Units of Study

  • First Semester:
    • Leadership Skills 1
      • Topics
        • Postive Attitude
        • Preparation
        • Perseverence
        • Respect
      • Outreach Program
        • In-School Service hours
        • In-School Project

    • Leadership Skills 2
      • Topics
        • Honesty/Integrity
        • Courage
        • Appreciation
        • Gratitude
      • Outreach Program
        • Community Service Hours
        • Community Service Project

  • Second Semester:




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