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Theatre Arts II is a full-year course designed to give students a deeper appreciation of theatre as a performing art. This course offers an advanced study of performance, production, and acting technique. Students will learn advanced acting skills such as, characterization and script analysis as well as continued training of the voice and body. Students will also be engaged in extensive ensemble work, including theatre games, trust exercises and group projects and the presentation of scenes, improvisations and monologues.

Class Objectives/Goals

In this course, students will be given an opportunity to develop mastery of the following expectations for learning:

  • an understanding of the processes of theatrical production
  • an understanding of the art of the stage and of criticism in relation to it
  • an ability to perform before an audience, and to demonstrate an understanding of, and some skill in, acting techniques
  • the acquisition of sufficient technical skill to produce satisfactory work in at least one of the theatrical arts or crafts
  • a knowledge of the major developments and techniques in the theatrical history of more than one culture


Units of Study



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Drama Links:




Improvisation, etc.

Speech, Accents, etc:


Monologues, Scenes to Act, etc.



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