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Coventry High School

Algebra 2

Alan Levy
Teacher (1998-2008)
Director (2003-2006)




About the School

Coventry High School is the sole high school serving the town of Bloomfield Ct, a town with a population of approximately 12,500. The Veterans Auditorium was completed in 2002 as part of a major renovation/construction project at the school. The auditorium seats 583.




Theatre productions ar CHS directed by Alan Levy:




Classes taught by Alan Levy at Coventry High School:

  • Acting
  • Theatre
  • AP English Literature
  • American Literature
  • English 12 Basic
  • English 10 Basic, Academic and Honors
  • English 9 Basic, Academic and Honors
  • Advanced Math
  • Geometry Honors and Academic
  • Algebra I
  • Web Design
  • Flash Animation



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